Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend of Spiritual Month

Welcoming myself into November... :)

Spiritual retreats have been my essential part of my spiritual life.   I have this desired which; I need time away from other people and hectic daily routine and as circumstances would have it extended weekends provided me with experiences of solitude and spiritual refreshment. Some people need retreat to seek for spiritual renewal while others to heal physically and mentally. But, many desire a retreat specific to their religious faith. Some simply looking to escape for a few days into a life unfettered with the daily demands of work, home and family.. and that is one part of me. Through the retreats I have found these times to be of tremendous boon to my spiritual life and essential to my relationship with God at times. 

Next few days, I’ll be joining our CCR church ministry (my parish) to BTRC for CCR family retreat. The reason I need this year end retreat was my feeling of spiritual dryness, an inability to spark fire in my heart and lack of engagement with those closed with me. Further, I need some insight from God and some direction in order to restore my morale and keep me in the struggle. Lately, I was spiritually and emotionally weary and I needed a word from my Saviour. 

The day after the retreat, again I’ll involve in Life in the Spirit Seminar for 100++ of confirmation student in other parish. I believed this retreat would help me and my team in ministering this seminar. I thanked God for the good health and grace upon us. Thank you for the Public Holiday too… J

~ Happy Deepavali and Awal Muharram ~ 


  1. Yeah, everyone need some sort of retreat. Spiritual retreat where you refresh yourself with the Holy Spirit are great. have a good time.


  2. Hi, may you have a blessed retreat.
    Take care, have fun and God bless :)

  3. hope you had a good retreat. where was it held?

  4. Hi! Sorry for not coming here for so long. Since I make a new blog, I've lost many of my blog links. PLease do visit my new blog and I'll do the same yo you. Thanks!


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  7. yeah, everyone need some sort of retreat. Spiritual retreat where you refresh yourself with the Holy Spirit are great. have a good time.